Data Solutions

EDMS provide professional supports to satisfy your daily environmental data needs.  From airports to railways, from construction sites to shopping outlets, we have been resolving  critical issues using our innovative holistic approach in data collection, modelling, analysis and visualisation.

Your helping hands in environmental data

Since 2005, we have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in converting data into useful information for decision making.

EDMS Holistic Approach

  • Data Collection – plan and execute the collation and collection processes
  • Data Modelling – align and verify the collected data to ensure QA/QC
  • Data Analysis – assess and undertake appraisal using professional knowledge
  • Data Visualisation – present and report data in a sensible way for easy understanding and diagnosis


Scope of Environmental and Climate Data

  • Pollutant Data – Ambient levels of specified pollutants
  • Weather Data – Wind direction, speed, etc.
  • Emissions Data – Gaseous emissions, water discharges, etc.
  • Energy Data – Usage of energy consumptions
  • Carbon Data – Carbon footprints

Scope of Building Data

  • Energy and Power
  • Temperature
  • Water

Scope of Engineering Data

  • Settlement
  • Vibration
  • Water Level