Settlement Monitoring

The digital IS-Liquid Level System is an effective tool for precision monitoring of vertical movement. Typical applications include monitoring of tunnelling and excavation activities, as well as compensation grouting near structures.

For each project sensors are selected with the appropriate measuring range to ensure accurate settlement measurements: the elevation differences are possible within the measuring range, keeping in mind the expected settlements.

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Key advantages

  • Direct response to settlements (no water flow between sensors)
  • Intelligent Sensor Technology with output in engineering units (mm)
  • Measuring ranges adaptable to different projects
  • Automatic temperature-measurement and correction
  • Easy to transport
  • No condensation problems
  • No electronics in high-humidity environment
  • Easy de-airing of tubes
  • Easy check-up for air bubbles in the system
  • During installation the sensors are interconnected by means of a pressure and an
    air compensation line and a digital IS-data cable.

Real-time precision monitoring of settlements

The elevation changes of the individual sensors in the system are derived from the liquid pressure. This is done by comparing the liquid pressure at each sensor with the pressure at the reference sensor. The system responds immediately to settlements, as there is no liquid flow between the sensors. The sensor also directly digitises the measurement data and performs an automatic temperature compensation.